Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Digital Felt

All week Bennett has been craving a digital watch of his very own. I blame it on Opa, who let Bennett wear his watch (and showed him how to light it up!) last weekend. He was so enamored, he nearly charmed my dad out of it (sucker!). Bennett grudgingly let the watch go, with the promise of another from Opa next time we got together.

So, until then, I whipped up a replacement with some felt scraps, a few small buttons, and a bit of velcro on the band.

The watch face was quickly stitched into place on the machine, then the digital numbers embroidered in floss. I only stitched the front and back of the watch face together, allowing it to slide up and down on the band.

He could not be more pleased!

1 comment:

Sarah and Jake said...

SO adorable. (Sell these!!)