Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday

Dear Bennett,
You are one year old today!

We had an awesome carrot cake for you today with a cake topper from R. This was on his cake when he was little. We didn't have a party, just made some corncakes and peas (still your favorite). You wore your awesome custom robot 1 shirt from Olive and Ollie that you also wore at the little family gathering from last weekend.

Isn't the outfit grand?

You mashed with gusto, but didn't eat much of the cake.

Just the frosting.

More in a bit! Now it's time to skype with the grandparents before it's too late.

Love you,


Sarah and Jake said...

Happy Birthday lil' B! -Sarah & Jake

Sarah and Jake said...

We're getting to be big boys now. We should get together and start some trouble. Maybe chew on cords and climb some stairs.
Happy Birthday,

Tessa said...

Happy Birthday, Bennett!

Lots of Love,
Contessa, Duncan, Celeste, Terra & Rowan

Sarah and Jake said...

By the way, what cool toys and books did you get? -Finn

Colleen and Andy said...

Oh my that cake is out of this world! What a lucky boy to have birthday cakes made by you two. Happy, Happy Birthday Bennett!!!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday, Bennett! You did an awesome job smushing that cake.

Caroline, Chris and Julian