Saturday, May 2, 2009

11 months

Dear Bennett,
You are eleven months old today. It's so strange how the months have flown, yet the weeks stood still. You are crawling like a champ and standing up now. Your balance is getting better and when you pull yourself up on stuff, you even let go for a little bit, testing the limits of gravity. Sure, you've taken some good tumbles and gotten some nasty bumps. The worst was when you sat down on the edge of a round tub with your bare butt during "free range baby" time. You howled with pain for a good ten minutes and ended up with a moon shaped bruise across both cheeks.

These tubs, once the objects of your desire (you even fell asleep clutching one), are no longer favorite things. You're still searching for a replacement.

You now have eight teeth and you are taking a well-deserved break from teething. Let's hope it lasts a good long time before you begin working on new ones.

You're eating a lot more stuff now: cheese, yogurt, pasta, biscuits, simple soups and sturdier fruits and veggies like apples, plums, pears, beans, carrot sticks, and even the occasional red pepper, but your favorites by far are green peas. Peas!!! I think it might be your first word, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was "cheese" instead.

Uncle S got you a baby pool and we set it up last weekend. You loved it! We got it set up today, but it's not quite warm enough. Maybe tomorrow you can play in it. We also hung your swing from the back porch. You seem to enjoy it, but you get restless after more than five or ten minutes and it's time to find another distraction.

That seems to be your style: 5-10 minutes and then it's time to move on. The only thing that keeps you still is reading stories. Let's hope this trend never changes!

Love you bunches,
Your mamma.

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