Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Teething sucks. Luckily, this little gizmo works like a charm!
I bought it down at Park + Vine on a whim. You know, that hey, if it even helps a little it's worth it, kind of moment. That's where you go when your babe is cutting five teeth at once. Borderline desperation...

He's never liked traditional pacifiers, but though it has that traditional shape, this teether has a gummy texture on the outside parts as well, so he can gum the "leafy" part and the handle/stem!
YAY for the Razberry!


cookwhite said...

These are so cute. I bought one at Park + Vine yesterday. Gus seems to love it!

I also picked up a pair of your shoes, which feet his little feet perfectly.

Sarah and Jake said...

funny, i've been meaning to get this for months, guess i should get on it. -mama speed

Sarah and Jake said...

Jake bought this tonight at Park + Vine. Thanks. -S