Sunday, January 4, 2009

7 months

Dear Bennett,

You are now 7 months old. It's hard to think that you've passed the half-year mark; before I know it you'll be wrists-deep in birthday cake and running around the back yard. We went up to Young's, where we held the memorial service for your brother, to look at the animals in the nativity display they have every year and you got to see your first sheep and even a couple of donkeys. Your attention span is increasing and you were fascinated for several minutes by them! Next year we will remember to take some carrot and apple bits.
Speaking of carrots and apples, you are experimenting with more food. So far you've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apples, and peas. Peas are the running favorite at the moment!

You are learning to work within the confines of the force of gravity: If a toy falls just outside your grasp while you're sitting up you've learned to shift your balance to your other leg/apply counter pressure with the opposite arm to avoid biffing out. You are not quite crawling yet, though you can get onto your belly and try very hard. You push off towards what you want but inevitably move further and further away. I know it's frustrating, but you will get the hang of it soon, I promise! Hang in there!You've been sick quite a bit, but luckily you were good and healthy for Christmas! We made the trek to see the BigK's and you handled the journey like a champ. I'm so glad you slept most of the way. You discovered the best seat in the house is with your Grandpa. You also got to see many of the extended family that loves you very much along with your aunt and uncle. They LOVE spending time with you!

Santa brought some cool toys, your favorite is a rubber giraffe named Sophie. When you unwrapped it you began cooing and haven't stopped chewing on her squeaky little legs and ears. I'm going to have to make a leash for her so she doesn't get lost. You also dig the tag ball uncle S got for you, the talking book Oma J and R sent, and the Curious George book Grandma and Grandpa K will be great to read to you next year. Overall you ended up with loads of awesome loot!
You continue to make awesome noises, some of which sound like words. Awooo and hammm are two common ones. You are also starting to reach for me and Poppy if you want to be held. You lift your little pudgy arms and "ga-hmmm!" We then know it's time for some snuggles.

We're all beginning to see more of your personality. You are quick to smile and slow to complain; unless you're feeling crummy, but everyone needs extra when they are sick.

Well, baby, welcome to 2009. We are excited to see all of the big changes in store for you this year!!!

Love you bunches and bunches...



Sarah and Jake said...

"Sophie is my BFF"- Finn Speed

Sarah and Jake said...
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Sarah and Jake said...

Is Baby B's hair turning blonde???

starlightsound said...

It's getting lighter every day!!! Who knows: after a summer running around outside he could be quite a towhead!