Tuesday, December 2, 2008

6 months

Dear Bennett,
You are six whole months old today! You are growing like mad and no longer fit into anything but your 12-month clothes. Poppy has taken to calling you his "Spi-see Meet-a-ball!!!" in a horrible Chef Boy Ar-Dee accent. It's true, though. You are growing to be a righteous little pudge. You are sitting up all on your own, rolling over with limited success, and getting ready for big movement (crawling!) at any moment. And you are so tall!!! Where did you get this from? Not us.Although you still enjoy playing "little baby" and getting wrapped up like a burrito, which is nice. We can still pretend that you're our little baby. Until our arms get tired.

You've had lots of visitors this month from Oma Joyce and RR at the beginning of the month to Grandma and Grandpa K, Aunt A, and Uncle S over the Thanksgiving weekend. Even Opa S and J came down for dinner.

You've been struggling with the discomforts of your first tooth and it finally broke through the gum. It's sharp like a dull piece of glass--the first time I felt it I was really surprised. No wonder you weren't sleeping well and were so cranky! It couldn't have been very comfortable coming through the skin in your mouth.

And how did we celebrate? By offering you your first solids on Thanksgiving! The verdict? Rice cereal is pretty tasty. You've had it every day since and show no signs of wanting to go back. Next on the roster is a bit of banana and I'm sure it will be met with the same enthusiasm. Well, it's a little late right now, so I'll sign off for today... where is this time going?

Right now all you know is it's bedtime and time to nurse and snuggle and drift off to sleep while dreaming of all the big things yet to come.

I love you so much!


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